Đề cương thi chứng chỉ Revit (Autodesk Certified Professional)

Đề cương thi chứng chỉ Revit (Autodesk Certified Professional)
Phần 1: Collaboration
  • Copy and monitor elements in a linked file
  • Use worksharing
  • Import DWG and image fies
  • Use Worksharing Visualization
  • Assess review warnings in Revit
Phần 2: Documentation
  • Create and modify filed regions
  • Place detail components and repeating details
  • Tag elements (doors, windows, etc.) by category
  • Use dimension strings
  • Set the colors used in a color scheme legend
  • Work with phases
Phần 3: Elements and Families
  • Change elements within a curtain wall (grids, panels, mullions)
  • Create compound walls
  • Create a stacked wall
  • Differentiate system and component families
  • Work with family Parameters
  • Create a new family type
  • Use Family creation procedures
Phần 4: Modeling
  • Create a building pad
  • Defie flors for a mass
  • Create a stair with a landing
  • Create elements such as a flors, ceilings, or roofs
  • Generate a toposurface
  • Model railings
  • Edit a model element's material (door, window, furniture)
  • Change a generic flor/ceiling/roof to a specifi type
  • Attach walls to a roof or ceiling
  • Edit room-aware families
Phần 5: Views
  • Define element properties in a schedule
  • Control visibility
  • Use levels
  • Create a duplicate view for a plan, section, elevation, drafting view, etc.
  • Create and manage legends
  • Manage view position on sheets
  • Organize and sort items in a schedule